About me

As a Consultant, Trainer and Coach, I help software development and technological companies to substantially increase the time to market of their products and services, double the employees productivity, triple shareholder value and profits and cut by half employees related costs by aligning the technological teams with the company vision and then getting everyone engaged and mobilized towards reaching those goals in record time. As a side effect, the company enjoys faster sale cycles, better customer satisfaction and loyalty, lessened turnover and easier time recruiting top talents in the industry.

I believe in smart investment of aligned orchestrated efforts that would bring maximum business value in minimum time with constant desire and ability to improve. I prefer working with companies and managers who understand the reality while also able to dream about a better future and bring it to life.

This blog is put forward to promote my vision of building effective R&D team while providing workable solutions to R&D managers, delivery executives and technological companies founders, who want to increase their team efficiency, engagement, motivation and productivity to a totally new level.

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CEC Alexander Stern

To your success,
Alexander Stern
Software Architect, Consultant and Coach
Effective RnD Evangelist