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  • ask about the dreamed ideal state, making 3 suggestions
  • request to take a look at the current state
  • suggest to review the framework which takes from one to another in a relatively short amount of time
  • go over the ideal scene as the framework envisions it
  • dive into each one of the 5 elements to describe why they are chosen and how they contribute to reaching the ideal scene
  • conclude with an invitation to have a 30 to 60 minutes of discussion to review the leaders viewpoint on the “as-is” and “to-be” scenes as well as to see how the framework can contribute to reaching his goals.

Hello and welcome!

If you came to this site and this page, it means that you see place for improvement in your current development team culture and seeking good ideas to move things forward. This already puts you into a small minority of technological leaders, who believe that people related things can improve and that an organizational culture can become better suited for achieving your business, organizational and personal goals.

Before we continue, can I ask you the most important question:

Some of the characteristics to look at and into are:

  • Productivity and efficiency
  • Accountability and responsibility
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Communication inside and outside
  • Knowledge preservation and sharing
  • Attractiveness and ease of recruiting new people
  • Effectiveness in retaining experienced people
  • Others…

Can I suggest that you write down or at least describe to yourself your ideal state of the team, using the areas above? What does it look like in your mind?

And now if I would ask you to give a totally subjective mark of 1 to 10 in each area above, how would you evaluate the current “as-is” status?

This exercise would give you an idea of the bridge to cross from the current “as-is” state to a desired “to-be” state and the points, which could be improved on the way.

On this page below you will find a framework for moving any technological team, especially development team, from a current state, which does not have to be defined as “bad”, but simply to a better state, one you can truly be proud of, with accent on:

  • reaching improved alignment with the business goals, vision and strategy;
  • raised willingness to take responsibility and be accountable;
  • accelerated ability to learn new things and responsibly innovate;
  • improved communication within and outside the team;
  • clear growth paths helping to retain good people and grow new leaders;
  • modern and future proof leadership style between employees and their leaders;
  • agility and flexibility to be able to adjust to constantly changing market and business needs.

Let’s start with some definitions I make to help us align…

Ideal technological delivery team culture

I’ll put the suggested idea in a schematic form with points describing each part of it and then we can talk it over:

1. Goals alignment ->
2. Freedom to choose ->
3. Accountability for results ->
4. Constructive feedback ->
5. Career path

And in more human readable form:

  • when goals are known and your team is aligned and in agreement with them, then the team as a whole and everyone in it separately will move towards the achievement of these goals;

  • when people actually have freedom to choose their own path of achieving a goal, they would be more enthusiastic and responsible, when choosing technologies and solutions to move forward in the best way possible;

  • when people are held accountable for the results the chose themselves, they will be more responsible in actually reaching the stated goals while keeping high quality of the outcomes;

  • when people separately and the team as a whole are constantly given constructive feedback by their leaders and managers, they tend to improve and become better, achieving mastery, learning new things, sharing knowledge, being creative and innovative;

  • when people have clearly defined career development paths, they tend to move along it, reaching mastery and professionalism in all aspects of their personal and team work.

Framework structure to get there

If you ask how to get from the “as-is” state towards the desired ideal state, as described above, or adjusted to your own vision, then the framework below provides the answer to your question. And I do hope you realize that this involves a lot of communication and good will, but luckily, when people are addressed correctly, they tend to take things into their own hands and the effort becomes divided between everyone!

So, for each of the 5 points: goals alignment, freedom to choose, accountability for the results, constructive feedback, career path – there are the same 3 parts of implementation in any organization and team:

  1. Surveys and evaluations of the current state using powerful questions and metrics.
  2. Coaching one-on-one to adjust the implementation to the specific team and particular needs, as well as having facilitated workshops to align everyone on the proposed changes along the transition period, all the while measuring the progress as objectively as possible.
  3. Follow up surveys and evaluations to see the perceived state of the team, detect deviations and plan for adjustments.

1. Goals alignment

2. Freedom to choose

3. Accountability for results

4. Constructive feedback

5. Career path

What’s the first step?

Let’s talk! Please, contact me to setup a 30-60 minutes discussion on where you’re now, what your aspirations are about your team and how the framework can help you move there.

I’m reachable via:
Email alex.bfree (at) gmail.com
Skype sternetil
Mobile (Estonia: +372) 56815512

Best wishes and regards,
Alexander Stern